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Lisa D'Amato About the Dermefface FX7


Lisa D'Amato America's Next Top Model

For this purpose they have chosen Lisa D'Amato, who was one of
the most popular participants in the America's Next Top Model.

Mora About Lisa D'Amato?

Lisa D'Amato is a very popular American model and
an established artist. She's made her first most popular public
appearance on America's Next Top Model, during the 5th cycle, where she won the sixth position.
However, she was remembered as one of the fan favorites thanks to her bold attitude and daring
outfits that ensured her a second show the America's Next Top Model All-Stars in 2011
with a stunning victory. D'Amato's appearance on America's Next Top Model strongly contributed
to the overall show's success, ensuring her the title '10th Biggest Villain in Reality TV' according to the TV Guide.

Her career improved along with the modeling work for the high profile clients such as Guess
and Barney's New York. She continued with her TV related work as well, appearing on MTV Cribs
and The Oxygen Network. But her success was seriously challenged, in December 2012
when an accident left her with a huge scar on her face.
She thought that was the end of her modeling career.

Her Choice Was The Dermefface FX7

The injury made her suffer much more than only a physical pain. D'Amato was one of the most popular faces in the fashion world at that time, thanks to the America's Next Top Model and perspective modeling career. The scar appeared on the worst possible place for any model, on her face. This fact affected her job, and what is even more important, her confidence.

She was desperate for efficient solutions. In addition, her husband joined her in the search for truly successful scar removal gels. She looked for something that really works quickly, didn't inflame the skin, cause acne, but most importantly, one that can reduce scarring, and save her career and self-esteem.

She used several scar removal gels, with average results. Finally, she and her husband discovered Dermefface FX7 and decided to give it a try. Five months later, she was pleasantly surprised. Her scar was visibly faded, with obvious results in just two weeks. Nowadays, her scar can be hardly seen, and she smiles again.

DermeffaceFX7 Worked For Me!

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Lisa D'Amato, ANTM Winner, Recommends Dermefface FX7

Fascinating things happen when a scar fades. For Lisa D'Amato, that gave her a chance to model again. She's also achieved a great career in music, with popular electro-rap and hip hop hits.

Learning about her story, and how it saved her professional career, the creators of Dermefface FX7 contacted Lisa D'Amato and asked if they could share her experiences. Many people suffer from scars, just like D'Amato, want to eliminate them, quickly and permanently. They want to look normal once again and feel good about their skin.

Skinception proposed to Lisa D'Amato to promote the Dermefface FX7. Luckily for you, she said yes.

Lisa is only one of hundreds of thousands of people, who use Dermefface FX7 on a daily basis in order to make a scar vanish. It comes without saying that is a lot easier to smile when your scar isn’t something the people keep staring at your skin. Dermefface FX7 saved a career of an America's Next Top Model winner by reducing her scar. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

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