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How to Prevent, Fade or Reduce Scars

Especially on those warm and beautiful days of summer, or even worse in the privacy of one’s bedroom, with a person you care so much about.

Some people apply extreme measures to conceal visible scars with clothes and expensive make-up. All of these can be successfully avoided with an adequate scar treatment cream for developing or already existing scars, which can reduce your scars or even prevent them completely.

In this article you will learn how to take care about an injury and treat a scar before it fully develops. We'll also explain how to take care about the existing scars, and how an adequate scar treatment system, such as DermeffaceFX7 Scar Reduction Therapy which can fade scars and improve your self-confidence.

Treat a Scar Before it fully develops!

The best possible thing you can do to fight your scars is to treat them early.

Scars are being formed for different reasons, such as acne chicken pox surgeries injuries

or childbirth through a Caesarian section.

Depending on the origins and severity of the trauma itself, a scar can require from a couple of months to two years in order to fully develop.

Though surgeries, serious injuries and more severe traumas to your body, even a small and insignificant scrape can develop into a noticeable scar if you don't do anything about it. For a basic scar prevention, you are required to do the following:

Clean Your Fresh Injury, Scrape or Cut – Clear the wound under water. Remove all pebbles or splinters with alcohol-sterilized tweezers. Carefully clean the wound with soap including a clean cloth. Don’t use harsh soaps, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and iodine for smaller wounds, because they can delay the healing process itself.

Cover Up - Cover your scrape, injury or wound in order to reduce bacteria, dirt, dust and irritants. Keep your wound moist, if possible with an antibiotic cream. This is very important, as it will fade the appearance of your scars once they develop.

Don't Remove the Scabs - After an injury, the body immediately enters into the healing phase. Its white blood cells attack bacteria, on the one side, while red blood cells, platelets and fibrin form a clot over the wound, on the other side. Don’t remove the scabbing that develops, because you are facing a risk of re-opening the wound. In addition, you leave an open the door for bacteria and infections that can create larger scars.

Persistent Wounds - Existing Scars

Despite your best intentions and means, it's sometimes almost impossible to prevent a formation of a scar regardless of the time invested and solutions for scar prevention. That's a life’s fact - some people are more suitable to scarring processes than others.

Your scar influences all three layers of dermal tissues: the subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis. In addition, it may require up to two years for a scar to be fully developed.

For all of these reasons, you should be completely aware that a scar tends to develop in areas of the body, which constantly face a danger of being pulled and strained. The chest and shoulders are these areas extremely suitable for scarring to develop. Therefore, it's recommended for you to avoid heavy lifting including upper-body exercises during your wound healing process.

In addition, you should consider a scar reduction solution as your scar develops. This is supposed to reduce the severity of the scar and ensures a less painful treatment compared to the laser surgeries, which are usually performed after the scars are being completely formed.

Scar Reduction Therapy Which Includes a Cream

A cream for a scar treatment is based on the active natural ingredients, moisturizers and patented peptides, which are supposed to interact with the skin's 28-day process required for a complete regeneration cycle. It is supposed to ensure the following:

Stimulate The Production of Natural Collagen –Including both skin-healing type III and skin-strengthening collagen I.

Force Scarred Skin Cells to the Skin’s Surface – A scar treatment cream stimulates the skin healing process in order for dead and damaged cells to emerge to the skin’s surface, where they get removed.

Improve Production of Healthy Skin Cells – Through the increased collagen production and removal of dead skin cells your normal and healthy skin cells take place on your scarred skin, ensuring the visible reduction of scarring as a result.

Studies have shown that niacinamide, beta glycan, specific antioxidants, and tocopherols, can cause the reduction of hyperpigmentation and stimulate natural and healthy replacement of skin cells. These natural ingredients ensure moisturizing, exfoliation, and eventually reduction and prevention of scarring.

If you want to improve the reduction of scarring with no steroids or laser treatments, you should definitely include the Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy promoted by the Skinception line of skincare products, which can reduce scarring in less than four weeks.

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